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Brooklyn Theatre

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Brooklyn Theatre
(Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY)

Built completed September 1871
Location Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY
Developer/Manager Mr. & Mrs. F.B. Conway, being known as Mrs. F.B. Conway's Brooklyn Theatre
1st Production October 2, 1871
Major Productions  
Joseph Haworth's Appearances  
Interesting Facts

On the night of December 5, 1876, over 300 people (including some of the actors) who had come to see the popular actress Kate Claxton in "The Two Orphans" died in a fire that engulfed the Brooklyn Theatre.


The L-shaped theatre built in 1871, occupied a large portion

of the Johnson Street blockfront. Started by a kerosene lamp, that swept up the ceiling and turned the auditorium into an inferno. The

theatre had no fire escapes and only 5 narrow exits.


Unidentified bodies were buried in a common grave in Greenwood Cemetery.

A monument was erected to the victims of one of the worst fires

in history. Modern fire prevention in public places resulted

in part from the tragedy.

This is the entrance
 on Washington Street.
 A crowd gathers in front
 of the police station
 and 2 men can be seen
 on the roof,
 assessing the damage.
 The original
 Hotel Clarendon
 is at the left
on the corner
 of Johnson Street.
 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle
 later occupied this site.

 the destruction.
The collapse
 of this side
 wall on
 Johnson Street buried many
 in the audience.


Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge
Newspaper ad for
Uncle Tom's Cabin
at the
 Brooklyn Theatre
Unidentified bodies from the Brooklyn Theatre fire were buried in a common grave in Greenwood Cemetery. Harper's Weekly magazine cover story on the Brooklyn Theatre fire

Joseph Haworth & The Brooklyn Theatre

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