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Fifth Ave Theater

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Fifth Avenue Theatre
(Broadway & 28th St., New York)

Built late 1860's
Location Broadway & 28th St., NYC
Developer/Manager Augustin Daly remodeled it in early 1870's
1st Production  
Major Productions
Joseph Haworth's Appearances King Lear-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough
Brutus-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough Hamlet-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough Othello-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough Damon & Pythias-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough
Virginius-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough 
Ingomar-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough
The Gladiator-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough
The Hunchback-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough
Claude Melnotte-Nov. 1883 with John McCullough
Mabeth-Feb. 1898 with Helena Modjeska Magda-Feb. 1898 with Helena Modjeska Measure for Measure-Feb. 1898 with Helena Modjeska
Mary Stuart-Feb. 1898 with Helena Modjeska
Camille-March 1898 with Helena Modjeska 
Demolished Became a movie house in 1938
Augustin Daly was burned out of his theatre on 5th Avenue in 1873. He leased a theatre on the corner of Broadway and 28th St. and named it the New Fifth Avenue Theatre, although its location had nothing to do with its name. After Daly vacated, it was leased to a succession of manager. Joseph Haworth appeared there in 1877 supporting John McCullough, and in 1898 co-starring with Helena Modjeska.

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