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Victoria Theatre

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Hammerstein's Victoria Theatre
(NW Corner of 7th Ave & 42nd St)

Built 1899
Location 7th Ave & 42nd St
Architech(s) J. B. McElfatrick & Co.
Developer/Manager Oscar Hammerstein, 1st
First Production The Reign of Error, March 1, 1899
Major Productions Miss Prinnt with Marie Dressler
Joseph Haworth's Appearances Ressurection - April 1903
Demolished 1935

"The Victoria, at a bird’s eye view, looks like a big twinkling pearl, all white and gold with the opals of electricity studding it in profusion… Gorgeous carpets, splendid lounges and all the ultra-elegance the metropolis loves were to be seen everywhere."

New York American, March 3, 1899


"In Resurrection as Prince Vladimir, he swept all before him and gave one of the few very great performances of the year. His magnificent work that night – and old stagers who had watched his work for a quarter of a century said that he had surpassed himself – was a resurrection in more senses than one. It made New York playgoers realize for one thing how rarely nowadays a great actor is heard or seen."

News of the Theatres, March 1899

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