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Herald Square Theatre

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Herald Square Theatre
(NW Corner of Broadway & 35th St)

Built 1883 as The New Park Theatre
Location NW corner of Broadway & 35th St
Developer/Manager Charles Evan who renamed it The Herald Square Theatre in 1894
1st Production  
Major Productions Many Richard Mansfield's Company productions
Joseph Haworth's Appearances Julius Caesar (Cassius) - Jan. 1903 with Richard Mansfield
Demolished 1914
Interesting Facts It contained most of the interior fittings of Booth's Theatre which was in the process of being dismantled at the time of its construction. First Theatre to come under the control of the Schubert organization in 1900.

With Mansfield, the art of speaking was based on breath control, as was the art of singing with Caruso. When he played Brutus in the quarrel scene of Julius Caesar, he sat inconspicuously in a darkened corner of the tent, while Joseph Haworth, cast as Cassius, was allowed to take the stage, with the limelight full upon him, and pour out his lines in a tremendous torrent. Mansfield remained quiescent till a single, sudden phrase. But when he roared out, "Away, slight man!" the walls of the theatre shook as with an earthquake. It was as if Cassius had been blown bodily out of the tent and off the stage.

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