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Madison Sq Theatre

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Madison Square Theatre
(Broadway & 28th St)

Built late 1860's
Location Broadway & 28th St
Developer/Manager Augustin Daly remodeled it in early 1870's
1st Production  
Major Productions
Joseph Haworth's Appearances  
Demolished Became a movie house in 1938
Interesting Facts This playhouse had a double career, first as the Fifth Avenue Theatre, where Augustin Daly's company held forth in glory from 1869 to 1873 in its early years, then as the Madison Square Theatre, rebuilt and redecorated to the specifications of Steele MacKaye to incorporate his innovations and inventions, all of which were subsequently appropriated in some form by other theatre builders. And a primitive by effective means of air conditioning was a legacy of MacKaye's tenure at the Madison Square Theatre.

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Seating Plan Interior

Joseph Haworth & The Madison Square Theatre

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