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Maurice Barrymore

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Maurice Barrymore

"a tall man, dark and pale, with cool Northern grey eyes... He Was lightly built, but with a round-muscled, strong shouldered powerful lightness." a fellow performer

"As Rawdon Crawley he was superb. In looks, speech and manner he might have stepped directly out of Thackeray's pages. His performance was a blending of sterling manliness and the gentlest pathos." The Evening Standard

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Maurice Barrymore as a young man-Photo-B&W-Resized.jpg (83705 bytes) Maurice Barrymore-as Orlando-photo 2B&W-Resized.jpg (77428 bytes) Maurice Barrymore & Emily Rigl in Pique (1875)-Photo-B&W-Resized.jpg (78032 bytes)
Portrait as Orlando with Emily Rigl in Pique (1875)
Barrymore,Maurice & Harris,Charles in Alabama-postcard-Resized.jpg (116350 bytes) Maurice Barrymore in ALabama-Photo-B&W-Resized.jpg (78970 bytes) Maurcie Barrymore bowing to woman in Alabama-Resized.jpg (106982 bytes)
with Harris Charles in Alabama in Alabama in Alabama
Maurice Barrymore-studi headshot in profile-photo-tinted-Resized.jpg (107302 bytes) Mrs Fiske & Maurice Barrymore in Becky Sharp (1899)-Production Photo-B&W-Resized.jpg (107192 bytes) Maurice Barrymore-Head shot-photo-B&W-Resized.jpg (86139 bytes)
Portrait with Minnie Maddern Fiske in Becky Sharp (1899) Portrait
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