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Production Shots
"Quo Vadis" (1900)
"The Christian" (1898)
"The Ghetto" (1899)
"Sue" (1896)

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Joseph Haworth as Vinicius in "Quo Vadis"

"Quo Vadis" is the story of the pagan Tribune, Vinicius, and his love for the Christian girl Lygia, during the time of Nero.

Vinicius converting
Chilo (Horace Lewis)
 to Chrisitanity
Vinicius Scene from Act V
(r to l)
Roselle Knott (Lygia)
Joseph Haworth (Vinicius)
Petronius (Arthur Forrest)
Poppea (Alice Fischer)
 Tigellinus (William T. Clifton)
Lygia (Roselle Knott)
Lygia (Roselle Knott)
Vinicius The denunciation of
  Nero (Edmund D. Lyons)
Act VI
Nero (Edmund D, Lyons) orders
Poppea (Alice Fischer)
 to drink the
 suspected wine

Lygia (Roselle Knott) & Vinicius (Joseph Haworth)

Joseph Haworth  as Prince Dimitri Neckhludoff in "Resurrection"

"Resurrection" is the story of how Prince Dimitri Neckhudoff's seduction of the innocent Katusha turns her life to crime, degradation, and ultimately through Dimitri's efforts, redemption.
Neckhludoff (Haworth)
Katusha (Blanche Walsh)
Neckhludoff (Haworth)
Katusha (Blanche Walsh)
Neckhludoff (Haworth)
serves on the jury of
Katusha's  (Blanche
 Walsh) trial for murder
Neckhludoff (Haworth)
Katusha (Blanche Walsh)
at the Moscow
women's prison

On the road to Siberia
 Neckhludoff (Haworth)
arrives with the
Czar's pardon
and asks
Katusha (Blanche Walsh)
to be his wife
Katusha (Blanche Walsh)
Neckhludoff (Haworth)
 a final farewell

Joseph Haworth as John Storm in "The Christian" (1898)

"The Christian" is the story of John Storm an idealistic young clergyman in central London.

John Storm (Haworth) restrain an angry crowd of parishioners

Joseph Haworth in "The Ghetto"

"The Ghetto" is the story of Raphael, a young Jew whose marriage to a Christian girl disrupted his relationship with his orthodox father.

Joseph Haworth (l) as Rafael, son of Jacob
Joseph Haworth in "Sue"

"Sue" is the story of an innocent young girl living with her selfish brutal father in a mining camp, and of her marriage to a man she didnít love to escape her surroundings.

Haworth (l) as Ira Beasly
Theodore Roberts (seated Center)
as John Scott
Annie Russell (standing) as Sue
Sue marries the uncouth Ira
 to escape her abusive father
Sue's father Silas (Horace Lewis)
insists on the marriage

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