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Academy of Music, NY

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Academy of Music
(14th St. between 3rd Ave. & Irving Place, New York)

Built 1845
Location 14th St. between 3rd Ave. & Irving Place
Developer/Manager Colonel James Mapelson
1st Production
Major Productions Opera, then minstrel shows, drama concerts, vaudeville & finally motion pictures
Joseph Haworth's Appearances Joseph Haworth's brother William played Sgt. Keller in August Thomas' Arizona at the Academy of Music in the Spring of 1900.
Demolished burned down in 1866, immediately rebuilt, demolished in 1926 to make way for Consolidated Edison skyscraper
Interesting Facts It was built with donations from wealthy New Yorkers at a time when the area near Union Square was an affluent neighborhood. The building was lavish and had a stage sufficiently large for grand opera, many private and stage boxes, and about 4,000 seats upholstered in crimson velvet; the interior of the hall was painted white an gold and illuminated by thousands of gaslights. Irving Hall, an annex at Irving Place and 15th Street, was the home of the New York Philharmonic in 1861-63. In several seasons from 1856-86 the Philharmonic performed in the main theatre of the Academy, which for thirty years was the principal venue for foreign opera singers visiting the city. But when the Metropolitan Opera House was built uptown, the Academy lost its opera audience to the newer house.
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Ballroom of The Academy of Music c1880.Illustration-B&W-Resized.jpg (148983 bytes) The Academy of Music on 14th St & Union Square on fire May 21, 1866-Resized.jpg (295758 bytes)
Engraving Ballroom of the Academy of Music c1880 The fire on May 21, 1866

William Haworth & The Academy of Music

After spending much of the 1890’s as a playwright, William Haworth returned to acting in Augustus ThomasArizona. The play had enjoyed a successful run at the Herald Square Theatre during the 1900 season and was to be remounted for an August 1901 reopening at the vast Academy of Music. At the Herald Square Theatre, the United States Cavalry was represented by off-stage sounds of horse hooves and shouts. At the Academy of Music, forty horses dashed upon the stage, their riders covered with perspiration and alkali dust. Also, with great press attention and fanfare, William Haworth joined the cast for the reopening.

Rehearsals took place in the July heat on a stock farm out on Long Island. A sergeant of the United States Calvary was hired to drill the riders and their mounts. Frederic Remington and Walter Burridge’s original set designs were re-built on a massive scale. The August 19, 1901 opening was a signal success, with Kirk LaShelle and Fred R. Hamlin’s staging drawing huge crowds to the Academy of Music during Arizona’s long run. In 1902, the spectacular production crossed the Atlantic, where William Haworth got to perform the role of "Sergeant Keller" for London audiences.

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