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Booth's Theatre

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Booth's Theatre
(6th Ave. & 23rd St., New York)

Built 1869
Location 6th Ave. & 23rd St.
Built for Edwin Booth

Edwin Booth. However, when Booth lost control because of poor financial management, the theatre was leased and managed by various individuals including: Junius Brutus Booth Jr., Henry C. Jarrett and Henry David Palmer, Augustin Daly, George Rignold and Dion Boucicault.

1st Production
February 3, 1869, Romeo & Juliet
Major Productions

Under Booth's management from 1869-1873, some of the finest Shakespeare productions of the era were mounted at this theatre.

Joseph Haworth's Appearances Joseph Haworth never appeared at Booth's Theatre
Demolished In 1883 it was rebuilt as a department store which in turn was razed in 1960s.
Interesting Facts

Constructed in granite, in an ornated Second Empire style, Booth's Theatre measured 150ft by 100ft and rose to a height of 125ft. Attached to the west end of the building was a five-story wing, the ground floor of which was for shops, with three floors above for artists' studios and apartments, the top floor was reserved for Mr. Booth's private apartment. The auditorium was lavishly decorated and followed the standard 19th-century horseshoe-shaped configuration. There were a number of mechanical innovations included in the design were: a forced-air heating and cooling system, a set of hydraulic ramps that raised vertically moving bridges and platforms for changing scenery, a sprinkler system for fire protection, and an electric spark ignition device that for the first time in the US permitted both the auditorium and stage lights to be extinguished during a performance.

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Booth's Theatre Poster.jpg (20893 bytes) Booth's Theatre Engraving-B&W-Resized.jpg (173639 bytes) Program from Kit, the Arkansas Traveler at the Booth Theatre-Tinted.jpg (219272 bytes)
Poster adverstising program at Booth's Theatre Booth's Theatre 1873 program for 
Kit, the Arkansas Traveller!
 at Booth's Theatre
Interior of Booths Theatre 1869-Ilustration-color-Resized.jpg (235002 bytes) Charles Witham's scene painting for Booth's 1869 Hamlet-color-Resized.jpg (393406 bytes) Paint room at Booth's theatre as painted by Charles Witham between 1869 & 1873-color-Resized.jpg (220642 bytes)
Interior of Booth's Theatre 1869 Scene painting for Booth's 1869 Hamlet Paint room at Booth's Theatre as painted by Charles Witham between 1869-1873
Joseph Haworth & The Booth Theatre

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