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Aunt Jack

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"Aunt Jack" and "A Man of the World"

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Aunt Jack Program Aunt Jack cast of characters A Man of the World Program

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NY Times Announcing Joe's NYC Engagement in 
Aunt Jack

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Testimonial Performance Program cover

Testimonial Performance Program page with Joseph Haworth in
A Man of the World

Joseph Haworth & Aunt Jack

The most remarkable thing about Joseph Haworth and Aunt Jack is that he did the play at all. As produced at A. M. Palmer’s Madison Square Theatre in 1889, it was the second half of a double bill. The first offering was Augustus ThomasA Man of the World, in which matinee idol Maurice Barrymore excelled as a sophisticated gentleman in early middle age who engineers reconciliation between his young ward and her husband. Aunt Jack, a three-act British farce rounded out the evening.

The leading role in Aunt Jack was an elderly barrister who is smitten with a young woman he is prosecuting in court for breech of promise. The character was deemed outside of Barrymore’s range as an actor, and the role was given over to character actor E. M. Holland. However when Palmer put together a touring edition of the double bill, Joseph Haworth starred in both plays. This kind of versatility is seldom seen in leading men. Haworth’s success on the road led to a Grand Opera House engagement in October of 1890, and New York audiences got to see this extraordinary display of virtuosity.

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